X 3800 Jouef

X 3800 Jouef

Brand - Reference

Jouef 832


X 3800 “Picasso”


Two bodies, one serving as spare to the other

I had undertaken heavy modifications on this railcar:

  • enlarging all the windows (removing the inner edge);
  • new driver cab made of tin (I had no brass) with flush plexiglass windows or resin for inclusions (which has turned yellow!);
  • narrowing of the ends;
  • refilling of the kind of grid above the access doors, which was only likely to limit the thickness of material at this location and thus prevent its deformation;
  • sliding van door;
  • wheel reprofiling and metal brake linkage;
  • new buffers, etc.

There is not much left on the first picture!

On the second picture, this is another copy recently offered by a friend, complete and in its original box.

X 3800 JouefX 3800 Jouef

X 3800 JouefX 3800 Jouef