CC 65526 profile view

CC 65526 ​​Electrotren waiting for fan grill. Note that the rear air tank is present despite the mounting of an elongation coupler.


Mechanical point of view

Mass: 427 g. It is an actual CC: all axles are driving. The two extreme axles are equipped with tires but without current pickups.

Electrical point of view

Maximum current at wheelslip: 0.65 A @ 12 V DC. Even under about 5 V, the fan runs too fast. The red lights exist, but are not separated. The light intensity of the white lights is much too strong, that of the reds is OK.

Aesthetic point of view

The general appearance is very satisfactory. However, the radiator and fan photoetched grid pitch is too wide: for the fan, the mesh pitch is 0.8 mm, whereas it should be about 0.3 mm.

On this model, the buffers should have a cut corner (see a photo by Patrick Meunier), not rounded. It’s all the more a pity since the correct buffers exist and equip the era III model!

There are two additional complete headstocks provided, one with an air tank, the other without. To see whether it will be possible to fit the tank on the rear NEM box, as I did for the 16500 LS Models.

The printed circuit board

Here is the visible side of the circuit…

PCB side 1

…then the hidden side.

PCB side 2

The fan control is on pin 3 of the decoder plug (output C for a Lenz decoder). The fan motor is controlled via a BC135 NPN transistor. The LED resistors are marked 1.0 kΩ (102), but their actual value is closer to 1.2 kΩ. The red LEDs are SMD (surface mount devices), the white ones are classical dia. 3.