Protection wedges

They are 10 mm wide and consist of a stack of two dividers scraps, hence 30 mm high and 2 × 6 mm wide, sticked together with double-sided adhesive 1. They are also sticked in the angles formed by sides and dividers. Their role is to make stop at the buffers level to avoid deforming the couplings.

Tip: apply the double-sided adhesive on the extruded polystyrene strips and glue two strips together before slicing them into 10 mm small pieces!

  1. This is valid for very prominent “harpoon” Roco harnesses. For Fleischmann Profi couplings, only one 6 mm thick layer is enough. Saves time and space too.

Protection wedges

  1. 3 mm thick side
  2. 2 × 6 mm thick wedge
  3. 6 mm thick divider

Only one wedge may be put like here, or one on each side for more safety, and also for a better vertical support of the dividers.

Mass of the finished box: about 250 g