Wagon improvement

Note: sorry, but none of these topics has been translated yet.

STEF reefer Hornby

In the 1970s, I had already taken over the decoration of these wagons, which I own in triplicate, including two brown end-of-series without marking. In particular, I had assigned to them a UIC number engraved by hand! I would like to do better, because even if their engraving is outdated, I still find them very sympathetic.

Bogie wagons Jouef

Again, cars of the 1970s, Gas, Res, Rloos, Habiss, Iaehss. To scale, correct engraving, their main defects are their accessories: bogies, steps, buffers, brake wheels, etc. So to change. And adding elongation shafts won’t hurt…

Hopper wagons REE

These “EX” hoppers, which are very recent products, have no real defects, except for the end-of-convoy lanterns which blink blithely. And a load is to be realized.

Car transporter TA60 LSM

I wanted to install tail lanterns on one of these wagons. I took the opportunity to add a few details on all: bridge plate locking bars, safety chains.

Cereal hopper wagons Jouef

There are two different models: one with flat walls, the older and, I believe, originating from Rivarossi; the other with curved walls. The first one is too high, the second too low! Since they are almost always together in a train, they must get their stories straight, for the height difference can easily be seen.