Commercial websites My favorite online store in France. Never had any problem with them. The prices are almost the lowest, within 1 or 2 percent. But, for some time now, the novelties arrive later and later compared to the competition, if they only arrive. Worrying… My second favorite site in France. It offers fewer choices than the previous one, especially in materials (profiles, paints, etc.), but is much more reactive about new products. On average a little more expensive, often interesting promotions. Ex-Train Magique, an online store where one can find spare parts (axles), materials (brass, plastic) and Proxxon tools at the lowest prices. And a very accessible and responsive boss, which doesn’t spoil anything. Artisanal company devoted to the manufacture and sale of very high quality spare parts (wheels, tracks, etc.). The website also offers a large number of uncommon tools, Swiss quality, and reasonably priced. My favorite online store in Germany, with prices often lower than in France, especially on German or Austrian brands. The fees are usually very reasonable (eg 3.90 € since 2017 for an order of more than 100 €).