Photos of railway equipment

Photos of railcar, steam locos and other during years 1930 to 1960.

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Steam locomotives Pacific Nord 3.1251 (2-231-C), Mikado Nord 4.1200 (2-141-TC), État 241-003, SNCF 242-A-1, 150-X, articulated Beyer-Garratt for export, etc.


Billard railcar “La Bretonne II”, FNC and CGC XGC 10000

Hopper wagons

Péchiney hopper wagons, 1951 to 1957. Made of aluminium alloy for about 37% of the tare. Transport of alumina. Capacity 71 m3. Manufacturer: Stemi.


Brissonneau & Lotz shunters ; Coferna diesel locomotives, years 1950.

BB 16794

Locomotive BB 16794, last of the series, at the Gare du Nord in 1967 (details).

Photos taken by me with a Foca Sport (camera without cell, but with basic settings: speed, opening, focus — see Gérard Langlois’ website).

Container gantry

Installation of a container gantry in Dunkirk harbour in 1969.
Author unknown, may be a member of my father’s team whom we see to the left of the first photo.

Foca sport