Saviem Brekina

MAN van

Photo Norbert Schnitzler on Wikimedia.

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Brekina 45027


Saviem van


M·A·N lorry distributed in France by Saviem (type 15168). But it existed rather in the form of a tipper or a concrete mixer, or, possibly, a flatbed. See Loco-Revue No. 526 of May 1990, p. 392.

In fact, I had difficulties finding a photo of the type reproduced by Brekina (with the headlights passing through the horizontal strips). MAN 415 of 1964.

The photo below from shows a different and more common cab: headlights in the bumper and grids at the headlight location.

Saviem lorry

Saviem BrekinaSaviem Brekina

Saviem lorry

Photo Norbert Schnitzler on Wikimedia.