Magirus Brekina tractor

Magirus Pluto tractor

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Brekina 83208


Magirus-Deutz Pluto tractor with semi-trailer


Tractor Magirus-Deutz Pluto with tarpaulin semi-trailer. Sold as an economical product. The tyres seem too big. On the other hand, the cab is very well represented.


Was manufactured from 1957 to 1965 (the photo dates from around 1963). This lorry is part of the Rundliche Frontlenker family (rounded forward cab).

The main advantage of the cab-over is that in a tractor + semi-trailer combination, the tractor being shorter, the trailer can be longer and allows a larger load volume. Indeed, the traffic codes limit the total length of the road trains. But I’m not sure that the drivers of the time, despite better visibility, were delighted to have next to them a noisy engine and difficult to soundproof!


Magirus tractor BrekinaMagirus tractor Brekina

Magirus Pluto tractor

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