Steinbock forklift Kibri

Steinbock forklift

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Kibri 11754


Steinbock forklift


Product in kit.


This machine already existed in 1977, since the Kibri model is presented in Loco-Revue No. 390 of January 1978.

Similar machine (from 1979): Steinbock TFG 2.5F / 340 model 1979, rough-terrain forklift truck.

Technical specifications: Diesel, transmission by automatic gear box, lifting height 2.36 m, lifting capacity 1500 kg.

See also model TFG2DA/350 1976.


  • website (this is a sales site, where we can find models dating from 1968!)

Steinbock forklift KibriSteinbock forklift Kibri

Steinbock forklift

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