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12/11/2018-Document: Railway course 1910, books No. 4 & 5
02/11/2018-Document: Renault gas turbine locomotive Pescara system
01/11/2018-Covered wagon Hbcs « Dresden » Brawa
01/11/2018-DB wagon with sliding walls Tbis Brawa
22/10/2018-New slide copier for filmstrip
21/10/2018-My 20th Century photo equipment!
10/10/2018-New pictures of CGC rolling stock
07/10/2018-Composition: Train Paris - Laon, 1970
07/10/2018-Composition: Train Lille - Boulogne around 1974
02/10/2018-Steam locomotive 150-X-5 Roco
02/10/2018-Diesel-electric locomotive A1AA1A 68053 Roco
02/10/2018-Express Nord cars LS Models
02/10/2018-DB dining-car Arm216 Piko
24/09/2018-La Vie du Rail Number 1000
15/09/2018-New compositions: Brussels - Lille; (Dunkirk ferry) - Lille - Paris; train of STEF refrigerating wagons
01/09/2018-Article of La Vie du Rail: the DB CC E03
05/08/2018-Composition: Express 243 Paris - Warsaw 1980
02/08/2018-Composition: “Gallia Express” Paris - Copenhagen 1973
22/06/2018-Covered wagon Gas LS Models
22/06/2018-Refrigerated wagons « Frangeco » STEF LS Models
22/06/2018-Willème LC610 « Shark nose » tipper REE
03/06/2018-Gantry crane: let’s break everything and start again!
24/04/2018-Software used for the website’s construction
19/04/2018-SNCB M2 cars Märklin
01/04/2018-Electric loco CC 7121 Hornby of 1966 (and other oldies)
20/03/2018-New photo gallery: EDF trip 1974
15/03/2018-New pictures of the years 1930-40
10/03/2018-Inquiry on the productivity in the USA, 1951
02/03/2018-A power tank for the REE shunter
17/02/2018-Diesel shunter YMO-25005 REE
04/02/2018-Improving the Van Biervliet SNCB 6321
02/02/2018-Programming the REE DU65
28/01/2018-Eds hopper Roco
26/01/2018-SNCB 6321 Diesel locomotive Van Biervliet
24/12/2017-Building the AMF97 Nord metallic covered wagon
19/12/2017-Semitrailer carrier KB type LS Models
19/12/2017-Unified track inspection car DU 65 REE
18/12/2017-A4c4B5c5x UIC couchettes car REE
12/12/2017-1933 Nord covered wagon AMF 87
20/11/2017-USA Transportation Corps tank wagon Roco
11/11/2017-Sleeping-car type P LS Models
22/09/2017-Improving the LS Models-Heris USI cars (continued)
17/08/2017-Berliet Stradair truck Tchoutchou
03/08/2017-Renault-Saviem JN90 truck Brekina
02/08/2017-Vru DEV type dining-car LS Models
06/07/2017-Diesel locomotive SNCB 6003 Roco
06/07/2017-UIC couchettes cars REE
06/07/2017-Tank wagon Uahs “Fauvet-Girel” REE
22/06/2017-Renault Galion Narwag-Norev

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